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PLA430 Corporations II

Lead Faculty: Dr Bryan Hance

Course Description

Examines the regulation of the sale of securities (analysis of the requirements regarding the forms and supporting materials for the registration of securities for California, preparation of California exemption forms, and an overview of federal securities laws), and acquisition and merger agreements (analysis of different types of acquisitions and mergers, statutory requirements of such transactions, and the customary range of provisions that appear in such agreements).

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine and describe key principles governing the registration and sale of securities under both federal and California laws and regulations.
  • Analyze common documents relating to the registration and sale of securities, including forms and supporting materials for the registration of securities in California and California exemption forms, stock certificates, shareholder and registration agreements, registration statements, and prospectuses.
  • Examine acquisition and merger agreements, including the common provisions that appear in such agreements.
  • Differentiate the different types of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Analyze the statutory requirements governing mergers and acquisitions.