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PAD620 Foundations of Public Admin

Lead Faculty: Dr Maryam Davodi-Far

Course Description

A general survey course covering the role of the public sector manager in American society today. Studies current issues and leading concepts in the field of non-profit management.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe public administration theories and concepts in the context of the documents of the founding fathers.
  • Analyze and evaluate the concept of new public management within the historical development of government administration.
  • Identify major public administration functions and describe the role they perform in the overall governing of the public sector.
  • Identify key historical developments in public administration and relate these to current trends and practices at both the national and local levels.
  • Analyze decision-making issues and relate them to general public managerial practices in an array of quasi-political government environments.
  • Analyze how the changing global society and multicultural environment impacts the management of the public sector.
  • Explain the division of power within American government as established by the Constitution of the United States.
  • Describe, analyze and evaluate the ethical behavior of individuals in relation to ethical principles and practices of government agencies.
  • Identify and analyze the impact of political influences on the public sector decision-making process.