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MDC688 Production

Lead Faculty: Mr. Edward Alyn Warren III, MFA

Course Description

Collaborative production of short film projects using professional equipment. Includes masters production workshops and production of a short film in an authentic production environment. Must be taken on site at a National University campus and concurrently with MDC 683P. See the program catalog description for residency information. A materials fee for production expenses applies.

Learning Outcomes

  • andlt;BRandgt;Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to: andlt;OLandgt;andlt;LIandgt;Apply the aesthetics of digital cinematography in lighting and shooting footage in a variety of settings.andlt;/LIandgt;andlt;LIandgt;Collaborate with others as a cinematography crew member in the production of raw footage.andlt;/LIandgt;andlt;LIandgt;Apply a variety of cinematic solutions to production problems in a variety of settings.andlt;/LIandgt;andlt;LIandgt;Operate and safely utilize the technical equipment used in digital video production.andlt;/LIandgt;andlt;LIandgt;Devise a photographic solution to a production problem that demonstrates proficiency with lighting by applying photographic techniques in natural and artificial light in both digital and film media.andlt;/LIandgt;andlt;/OLandgt;