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MDC683P Production Management Practicu

Lead Faculty: Mr. Edward Alyn Warren III, MFA

Course Description

In this "independent studio practicum" taken concurrently with MDC 683, students apply industry practices to develop a production plan and pre-production documentation needed to execute a professional production. Practical assignments developed by the instructor will receive individual and group critiques.

Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate the production and post-production requirements in a variety of situations to the production crew through such production documents as storyboards, shooting scripts, shot lists, blocking diagrams and lighting plans.
  • Collaborate on the production and post-production of a short motion picture.
  • Produce a production schedule, staffing and logistical requirements for a scripted short digital motion picture.
  • Utilize the appropriate preproduction documents to coordinate the production and postproduction of a short motion picture.
  • Critique production dailies and a variety of editorial cuts in relation to the application of cinematic concepts and technical principles of the cinematic craftsandamp;#8212; cinematography, directing, sound design and editingandamp;#8212;and their effective contribution to the story.
  • Evaluate the organizational contributions of the director, associate producer, director of photography, assistant director, production designer, and gaffer on the preproduction and production phases of filmmaking