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MDC653 Film Directing

Lead Faculty: Mr. Edward Alyn Warren III, MFA

Course Description

Focusing on the theory and practice of directing films, the course covers the directorand#xbf;s responsibility for developing the vision and objectives of a production. Students analyze and break down scripts and evaluate aesthetic choices necessary for effective dramatic and visual storytelling.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate the director's impact on the visual components of filmmaking
  • Evaluate a script and articulate its theme, dramatic beats, visual vocabulary, and style using the directorial breakdown process
  • Design a director's visual and stylistic approach to a short script that supports the dramatic beats of a story.
  • Generate a shot list that supports the dramatic beats of a story.
  • Design a blocking plan for a script based that supports the dramatic beats of a story
  • Construct a digital storyboard that communicates the visual and stylistic approach as a director.