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MDC651 Digital Cinematography

Lead Faculty: Mr. Edward Alyn Warren III, MFA

Course Description

This workshop focuses on digital cinematography and the aesthetic aspects of cinematic practice. Students evaluate core concepts of cinematography: composition, lighting, camera movement, lens selection and the technical limitations and advantages of digital cinematography. Taken concurrently with MDC 651P 'studio practicum', students apply cinematic techniques using digital still and video cameras.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate the digital and film cinematic techniques used by cinematographers in a variety of genre
  • Evaluate the fundamental cinematic principles associated with the technical and artistic craft of cinematography.
  • Evaluate orally and in writing the aesthetics of digital and film cinematography
  • Apply critical thinking and independent research in critiques of peer projects using synchronous and asynchronous responses.
  • Identify and evaluate orally and in writing a variety of cinematic solutions to production problems faced by filmmakers in both digital and film media.
  • Design a shooting plan for a narrative script that applies the discipline standards and techniques of narrative cinematography