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MDC650 Producing Digital Cinema

Lead Faculty: Mr. Edward Alyn Warren III, MFA

Course Description

This course focuses on the process of producing and distributing digital cinema content. The course provides students with hands-on experience developing digital content in the form of a digital short based on a personal narrative with archival images and found footage. Students develop individualized distribution strategies based on independent research into current and emerging exhibition media available to independent digital cinema producers, including technical specifications, digital content management and legal considerations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate the distribution process and strategies employed by movie producers in terms of digital content management, project workflow, technical requirements and financial needs and prospects.
  • Evaluate the producerandamp's role in developing and distributing digital cinema content
  • Evaluate the legal and ethical issues and relevant industry practices and policies relevant to developing and distributing digital cinema content.
  • Develop a strategic distribution plan for a digital cinema project.
  • Create a realistic production plan from conception to completion that includes a process workflow from preproduction through post, including a list of distribution deliverables.