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JRN310 Convergent Journalism

Lead Faculty: Dr. Sara-Ellen L. Amster Ph.D

Course Description

This course covers the technological and organizational convergence that has changed the operations and workflow of many news organizations and the ways in which news content is communicated across multiple media platforms. Students will acquire familiarity with the demands of each medium, create news stories for print, audio, video, and online media platforms and be able to move content fluidly from one media channel to another.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the factors that are moving the industry towards a convergent future
  • Identify job positions available in a converged newsrooms
  • Identify the key elements of a story that works best for different media formats
  • Write and format the same story for print, audio, TV, and the Web
  • Present a story in a variety of media formats emphasizing the special aspects of a story that work best for each medium
  • Collaborate with others to produce multiple stories
  • Use the tools of the trade, including both hardware and software to create news story packages
  • Compile a selection of news stories suitable for inclusion in convergent news outlet