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CJA620 Legal Issues in CJ

Lead Faculty: Dr Ponzio Oliverio

Course Description

An assessment of legal issues, legal terminology and analysis of court decisions involving criminal justice agencies' exposure to criminal or civil liability involving wrongful death, wrongful termination, police corruption, and discrimination lawsuits.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare and assess the differences between various forms of legal systems.
  • Evaluate the roles placed by the different state and federal trial courts and appellate courts.
  • Assess the selection process of judges and the various roles of prosecutors and public defenders.
  • Evaluate and assess the success of the various specialized courts including the juvenile courts and the role of the attorneys in plea bargaining.
  • Analyze court decisions involving police or criminal justice agencies in terms of criminal sanctions.
  • Compare court decisions involving civil liability and wrongful death cases.
  • Appraise issues involving wrongful termination, police corruption, and discrimination lawsuits.