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CJA104 Police-Community Relations

Lead Faculty: Dr. James E. Guffey

Course Description

Examination of the complex, dynamic relationship between communities and the institutions of the justice system in addressing crime and conflict with an emphasis on the challenges and prospects of administering justice within a diverse, multicultural population. The role that race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and social class play in shaping these relationships.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe how perceptions of the justice system, held by multicultural communities, have evolved historically.
  • Identify ways in which law enforcement professionals can demonstrate ethical decision-making and leadership ability while interacting with multicultural communities.
  • Describe the changing law enforcement workforce pertaining to issues involving ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, and women in law enforcement.
  • Describe the impact of cultural diversity on law enforcement's duty to combat terrorism and maintain homeland security, and develop response strategies for crimes motivated by hate.
  • Explain how community policing interacts with the community to support crime prevention and reduce the crime rate in the community.