MDC652P Editing Practicum

Course Description

In this independent 'studio practicum' taken concurrently with MDC 652, students apply professional editing theory and techniques using non-linear editing systems on practical assignments developed by the instructor. Practical assignments will receive individual and peer group critiques. Students must have an intermediate working knowledge of a digital editing system like Adobe Premiere, AVID or Final Cut Pro.

Learning Outcomes

  • Integrate digital editing techniques used in a variety of genre to construct short digital video sequences.
  • Integrate the aesthetic principles of motion picture editing in the construction of cinematic sequences using professional digital video software.
  • Integrate professional film editing techniques for dialog cutting, matching action, parallel action, montage and the control of tempo and rhythm in the construction of a motion picture sequences.
  • Integrate sound effects and music into a motion picture sequence.
  • Integrate editorial notes into a revision of a digital video sequence.
  • Generate edited movie sequences using concepts of cinematic grammar to construct meaning and emotional engagement in an audience.