Dr. Melinda Campbell


Type Date Title Audience Function Location
Paper 2015-03-27 The Disembodied Pedagogue: Re-constructing the Erotics of Pedagogy Presentation La Jolla, California
Paper 2014-10-17 Collaboration and Critical Thinking in the Classroom Presentation and workshop Denver, Colorado
Paper 2013-02-01 Colors Are What They Appear to Be Puebla, Mexico
Paper 2013-01-01 Epistemic Error and Experiential Evidence Honolulu, HI
Paper 2012-09-01 Collaborating on Critical Thinking: The Team Critique La Jolla, Ca
Paper 2012-04-01 Critical Engagement through Collaborative Writing and Peer Critique Long Beach, CA
Paper 2011-11-01 Online Teaching: Confronting Fear, Loathing, and Love of Technology La Jolla, CA
Paper 2011-02-01 The Team Critique: A Strategy for Effective Collaborative Writing & Critical Thinking San Diego, CA
Paper 2010-11-01 The Green Mentoring Program Las Vegas, NV
Paper 2010-11-01 Green Revolution 2.0: Green Mentoring. Long Beach, CA
Paper 2010-09-01 Hotels on the Border La Jolla, CA
Paper 2010-08-01 Learning as a Cooperative and Cooperation: Green Mentoring Santa Barbara, CA
Paper 2010-03-01 Political Economy of Environmental Justice: A Case Study of the Environmental, Economic, and Political Implications Facing the Redevelopment Agency Palm Springs, CA
Paper 2010-02-01 TheThe Disembodied Pedagogue: Producing Education in the Digital Age. Puebla, Mexico
Paper 2010-01-01 Green Mentoring at National University. La Jolla, CA
Paper 2009-05-01 The Sights & Sounds of Online Teaching La Jolla, CA
Paper 2008-09-01 Color Events: Where Appearances Are Real. La Jolla, CA


Type Date Author Type Date Title Publication Name Author List Publisher Volume / Issue / Page
Editor 2018 Glimpse, an annual publication of the Society for Phenomenology and Media.
Article Author 2017 The Digital Classroom: A Marketplace of Ideas or Just a Marketplace? Proceedings of the Society for Phenomenology and Media 4 13-22
Article Co-Author 2018 A New Telluric Force: Humans in the Age of the Anthropocene Glimpse: Phenomenology and Media Campbell, Melinda And Patricia King Dávalos 19 65-77
Article Author 2016 The Disembodied Pedagogue: Producing Education in the Digital Age Proceedings of the Society for Phenomenology and Media 3 15-24
Article Author Nov 2015 Collaborating on Critical Thinking: The Team Critique Journal of Curriculum and Teaching 4(2) 86-95
Article – Editorially Reviewed Author 2011 Hotels on the Border: Cinematic Situations of Transgression and Transcendence University of Jyv¿skyl¿, Jyv¿skyl¿, Finland 143-159
Article – Editorially Reviewed Author 1998 The Reality of Color The Experience of Philosophy, Eds. D. Kolak and R. Martin Oxford University Press
Article – Editorially Reviewed 2009 Aesthetics and the Experience of Beauty Encyclopedia of Consciousness, Ed. William P. Banks Histein, William And Melinda Campbell Elsevier 1 1-7
Article – Peer Reviewed Author 2014 Seeing Color Appearances Glimpse: Phenomenology and Media Society for Phenomenology and Meida 15 13-18
Article – Peer Reviewed Author 2012 Epistemic Error and Experiential Evidence 14 19-29
Article – Peer Reviewed Author 2010 Learner-Centered Assessment: A New Tool Journal for Research in Innovative Teaching National University 3 162-172
Chapter Author 2010 Making Education Ethical: Mentoring for a Green Future Cross Examination of the Core: An Interdisciplinary Focus on Authentic Learning, Eds: Phil Fitzsimmons & Edie Lanphar Campbell, Melinda And Maryam Davodi-Far Antonian Publishing , Santa Barbara, CA 4-19
Dr. Melinda Campbell


Dr. Melinda Campbell

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