One-To-One Learning Model

Personal Attention Makes all the difference

In each and every course, our student is paired with one faculty member, resulting in a class size of one. Featuring individualized teaching through feedback, a deeper understanding of the material is achieved and a real relationship built on mutual respect is formed between the professor and the student.

In 1996 the founders of National University endeavored to shape a richer educational experience for gaining a higher degree, one with unparalleled flexibility that is delivered online and fashioned around mentoring by professors with doctoral degrees and professional experience in their respective fields. These professors would work directly with ambitious individuals who come to NU pursuing their own unique hopes and dreams, rather than impersonal classrooms filled with warm bodies represented by an alphabetized roster.

The principles behind National’s approach have a long history in the world’s most renowned brick-and-mortar universities, but thanks to our 100% online, distance-based approach to engagement, we have been able to take this learning model to a higher degree. The result is a premier education that is geared to scholars who are driven to maximize their education and achieve their own particular dreams.

Lasting professional connections often result, with students frequently crediting the dedication and expertise of their professors for their educational success.

At National, professors facilitate learning through inquiry-based interaction and individualized feedback that challenges students to continually reflect on their own learning and application. This one-to-one mentoring approach is crucial to the NU educational experience and is what most of our students say makes National so special.

“What drew me to National was I liked the way the classes were conducted. It’s a one-on-one program. You really get that attention that you need in the course room. I liked that I didn’t have to have a lot of course room discussions with other students. In fact, it was all instructor-to-student attention, and so if I had questions or I needed any advice or direction, I was able to contact my instructor to help me with that”

– Kelly Waterhouse, MBA, Marketing
The Benefits
  • Our unique faculty mentored approach is based on a proven educational model designed to ensure your success.
  • Faculty mentoring provides important personal feedback while allowing you to utilize your own individual learning style.
  • Our 100% doctoral faculty members are highly qualified, providing the individual support you need.
  • In all of your courses at National, your classroom size is ONE.

When you choose National, you can earn the degree you want while getting the personal attention you need. Discover the National difference for yourself.