National University Launches Blockchain Initiative to Make Academic Records More Accessible to Learners and Employers

Pioneering California university will pilot free, blockchain-secured digital transcripts to position students for career and academic success

LA JOLLA, CALIF. (December 15, 2020) — National University, a nonprofit institution with a 50-year history of serving Veterans, educators, and working adults, announced today the launch of an ambitious new blockchain technology pilot designed to make transcripts and academic records more easily accessible and portable for students. Learners will now be able to access a secure digital locker — at any time and on any mobile or internet-connected device — that allows them to verify and share credentials with prospective employers and other educational institutions.

“The pandemic has brought a heightened sense of urgency to increasing affordability while forging stronger connections between the educational experience, the workforce, and lifelong learning — and that includes giving students greater control of their credentials,” said Dr. David Andrews, president of National University. “This work is about unlocking greater value from our programs for lifelong learning and making our students and their credentials more discoverable to prospective employers.”

Through a partnership with Dallas-based GreenLight Credentials, a leader in blockchain technology and digital credentials, National University will now offer a pilot group of 300 students free access to their educational transcripts through a secure digital locker during their studies at the university, with plans to expand the service to more current and former students over time.

The innovative service will help to streamline the process of career search, graduate school and scholarship applications, and credit transfer by reducing wait times and cost typically associated with requesting records from the institution. Colleges and universities typically charge fees for copies of paper-based and digital transcripts, with some even placing a hold on providing information to students with outstanding fees. Each year, National University processes more than 30,000 requests for transcript verification or other academic records.

“Blockchain technology holds transformative potential to simplify the process of accessing and verifying academic records for learners, employers, and institutions,” said Manoj Kutty, founder and CEO of GreenLight Credentials. “This shift will empower learners with their own academic records and credentials and demonstrate the value of their academic experiences to succeed in the world of work and lifelong learning.”

The blockchain pilot complements the university’s commitment to improving access and affordability and removing barriers to academic and career success for students. Earlier this year, for example, National University unveiled a plan to reduce the cost of attendance by slashing the cost of attendance by up to 25 percent for full-time students and by adding scholarships that make enrollment nearly free for Pell Grant-eligible students.

About National University

National University, a Veteran-founded nonprofit, has been dedicated to meeting the needs of hard-working adults by providing accessible, affordable, achievable higher education opportunities since 1971. As San Diego’s largest private nonprofit university, NU offers over 75 online and on-site programs and flexible four-week courses designed to help students reach their goals while balancing busy lives. Since its founding, the NU community has grown to over 25,000 students and 230,000 alumni around the globe, many of whom serve in helping industries such as business, education, healthcare, cybersecurity, and law and criminal justice. Learn more at

About GreenLight

GreenLight connects students, educators, and businesses by providing users control of their lifelong learning records and achievements. These records can be instantly and securely shared between educational institutions, students, and employers from any device, anywhere, at any time improving education and career outcomes for all. Learn more at

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