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Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance: Terms and Definitions for Virtual Education

Key Online Learning Terms and Definitions

Essential Trauma-Informed Teaching Strategies for Managing Stress in the Virtual Classroom

How to Select Effective Digital Math Tools

How to Use the 5 Es with Remote Math Instruction

Strategies for Trauma-Informed Distance Learning

Communicating with Students Effectively During Online Learning

Teaching Online: Communicating with Your Students

The Essentials of Online Teacher-Student Communication

Teaching Students to Self-Advocate During Distance Learning

4 Ways to Teach Digital Citizenship through SEL

Deep Learning is Doable: Five Strategies for Supporting Deep Learning in Virtual Environments

Strategies and Tips for Successful Online Teaching – Dr. Linda Dale Bloomberg

Meaningful Online Education for Our Youngest Learners: Tips to reconcile the need for e-learning with how young children learn best

Three Ways Early Childhood Educators Can Support Young Children and Their Caregivers During the COVID-19 Health Crisis 

Interactive Read Alouds: Learning from books together

Why These Teachers Started a Podcast for Students

The Best Virtual Field Trips

Tools & Training

Common Sense – SEL in Digital Life Resource Center


Media Smarts: Canada’s Center for Digital and Media Literacy

Open Middle: Challenging Math Problems Worth Solving (by Grade Level) & Online Training for Educators

Unite for Literacy: Free Online Books (with Audio)

Global Digital Literacy: Over 6000 Books in Over 70 Languages

Star Fall: Online Math and Literacy Learning Games for Grades 1-3

Bonsai: Free Financial Literacy Online Courses and Curriculum: Ages 8 – 18+

Flipgrid App Tutorial – Teachers and students can record, share, and respond to short videos. 

WeVideo App Tutorials – Students can collaborate on creating videos. Stock images and templates available. Can link and upload easily to Google Drive.

Google Forms Tutorial – Survey students, track assignments, and quickly assess with Google Forms.

Remind App Tutorial – Two-way communication tool for teacher-student and teacher-caregiver. 

Nearpod – Create interactive lessons and assessments (various price points, beginning with free, searchable database with pre-made lessons)

Soft Chalk – Create interactive lessons and assessments (various price points, beginning with free)

Padlet Possibilities Tutorial – Teachers, colleagues, and students can collect ideas text, links, videos, images and more. – Dr. Maggie Broderick & Dr. Erin Hansman

The 8 Best Online Tools for Teacher Planning

ClassKick – Teacher-Preps Assignments + Students Work on Devices + Real-Time Feedback + Peer Collaboration

Zoom Meeting Tutorials

Pearson Digital Webinar Series

Michigan Virtual Research Institute

Michigan Virtual: The Ultimate Guides to Online Learning

Common Sense: Distance Learning Playlist


Group Reflection Protocol for SEL

The 8 Best Tools for Online Teaching – We are Teachers

Stories from COVID-19: Want, Wish, Need – Add your own story!

Hall Fitness – online fitness coach

Regional Educational Laboratory Program

Webinar: Research-Based Resources, Considerations, and Strategies for Remote Learning 

Learning for Justice: A Framework and Standards for Teaching Digital Literacy

Resilient Educator Website – Tips and Tools for strengthening resilience.

Google for Education