Dr. Kamlesh Mehta

Dr. Kamlesh Mehta is the Chair of the Management and Marketing and Professor of International Business, Marketing, and Strategic Management. His administrative experiences include the Founding Director of the Center for Global Business Studies, Chair of the Department of Business Administration at several institutions, elected Vice President and President of the Southwest Decision Sciences Institute, elected Vice President for the Southwest Academy of International Business, and elected Conference Co-Chair (USA) of the ISDSI. As a Study Abroad Program Director he has organized several study abroad programs in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Mexico.

As a research scholar, Dr. Mehta was recognized by the Harvard Business School Publisher in The International Directory of Business and Management Scholars and Research in the United States. He has published and presented over fifty-five scholarly research papers, ten of which have earned him outstanding research awards. A frequent visiting professor at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in India, he has been recognized in The National Faculty Directory (USA) and twice in the Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers (USA).

Dr. Mehta has served as the Vice President of the Board of Directors of International Focus Inc. in North Carolina and on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Business Case Studies and the International Journal of Management and Information Systems.


  • Mehta, K. T., Shah, Vivek. (2019). Global Business: Virtual Workplaces and Collaborations. International Journal of Business, Humanities and, 9(4): 1-9.
  • Mehta, K. T., Nadeem, M.. (2018). "Uberization” of Customer Needs with Data Analytics: How Marketing Strategy “Lifts” Products Innovation?. British Journal of Marketing Studies (BJMS), 6(6): 40-58.
  • Mehta, K. T.. (2017). Business Administration and Computer Science Degrees: Earnings, Job Security, and Job Satisfaction. American Journal of Business Education, 10(1): 1-8.
Dr. Kamlesh Mehta

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Dr. Kamlesh Mehta

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