Julie Hayden

Professor Julie Hayden-Blackburn, MA, CMPC is the Director of Fieldwork Placement for the Master’s in Sport Psychology program at John F. Kennedy’s School of Psychology at National University. Professor Hayden-Blackburn earned her MA in Sport Psychology from JFKU in 2017 and her BS in Psychology from Michigan State University. Professor Hayden-Blackburn is driven to provide a rewarding and challenging fieldwork placement experience for student-interns, with this program offering an unparalleled applied experience. She is extremely proud to be part of this fun and hard-working team. Professor Hayden-Blackburn also teaches for the Master’s in Sport Psychology program, specializing in fieldwork preparation and applied execution of mental performance techniques. Professor Hayden-Blackburn’s passion in the Sport Psychology field lies within enhancing sport and performance culture to promote healthy and safe motivational climates where athletes and performers are empowered to become the best versions of themselves, with a particular focus in gymnastics as well as underrepresented populations as a centerpiece of her private practice.

Julie Hayden

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Julie Hayden

College: JFK School of Psychology and Social Sciences

Department: Psychology

[email protected]

(925) 969-3151


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