Dr. Peggy Ranke

Dr. Peggy Lee Ranke is a professor and serves as the director for the Bachelor of Science Healthcare Administration program at National University. Dr. Ranke is a certified prior learning assessment (PLA) assessor and enjoys consulting in the assessment arena. She has worked with the Council of Adult Experiential Learning (CAEL) since 2016 as an assessor. Dr. Ranke is a former nurse and a Veteran of the United States Army Reserves, and served in wartime. Dr. Ranke is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executive (ACHE). She has served on the ACHE boards for the chapters in San Diego and Nevada. Dr. Ranke enjoys working in the community and volunteered as an American Redcross instructor for 2 years. Under the guidance of Family Services, she served as a leader in a Women’s Addiction Recovery Program (APR) for over 7-years. Dr. Ranke’s areas of interest include administration, leadership, and spirituality.


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Dr. Peggy Ranke

College: School of Health Professions

Department: Healthcare Leadership

Academic Program Director: Bachelor of Science Major in Healthcare Administration
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