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National University is unique in higher education, given the ubiquitous reach of its online curricula; the rich diversity of its students and alumni; and its physical presence in 14 major metropolitan areas.

Unlike most other universities, which are clustered one campus in one city; National has a large geographical footprint that spans California and into Nevada. It also has deep roots in multiple communities, with partnerships, programs and alumni serving the greater good at a grassroots level.

Our graduates and credential completers are your neighbors. Many of them serve as leaders in your town halls, your police and fire departments, your schools, hospitals and businesses, and your non-profit and service organizations.

The following pages highlight the many intersections where alumni and community meet, and illustrate the value of higher education and lifelong learning as a vital and relevant partner in civil affairs and society.

National University helps its constituents to harness knowledge, not only for personal growth and empowerment, but in order to bring a better world and brighter future to everyone.