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Careers in Demand: Computer Science

The continued reliance on computers and information technology (IT) in the workplace has generated a growing need for highly trained computer and IT professionals. Employment opportunities in these fields are expected to increase much faster than average as organizations continue to expand their use of technology.

High-demand job specialties include computer scientists, database administrators, and network systems and data communication analysts. The titles used to describe these jobs evolve continually, reflecting new areas of specialization or changes in technology. As a result, workers must be able to learn new technologies quickly to keep up with the pace.

Education requirements for these positions range from an associate's degree to a doctoral degree. Because the field continues to evolve, many employers offer tuition assistance or targeted training to their computer and IT professionals.

Because of the demand for and importance of these job functions, employers are increasingly making their employment packages more and more attractive to potential employees. For example, telecommuting is increasingly common for many computer professionals as networks expand, allowing more work to be done from remote locations.

Last year, most computer and information scientists earned between $71,930 and $118,100. Database administrators earned between $48,560 and $84,830. As the demand continues to rise, so will these salaries.

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