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Your Online Degree: The Employers' View

According to recent statistics, over 90 percent of traditional schools provide or plan to provide some kind of program through online learning.

As the number of schools offering online degree programs grows, popular acceptance of them continues to rise as well. Many companies are hiring applicants with online degrees and providing tuition reimbursement for employees seeking to further their studies online.
So why do employers value online degrees? It's no secret that employers have long admired applicants who have been able to juggle the demands of home, work and school successfully. By completing your online degree, you've demonstrated to employers that you can create the balance needed to be a successful addition to their organizations.

Online degrees and programs also offer convenient and affordable ways for employers to help their employees gain new skills. For example, the secret to mastering technology in the workplace is to learn to use technology to advance and achieve goals. That's where online learning comes in! As you learn to navigate your online classroom, you gain vital skills and the confidence to adapt to new technologies and environments that will benefit you throughout your career.

If technology is the backbone of today's workplace, then communication is the lifeblood that nourishes it! Once again, your online education gives you a leg up in your business communications. While the concept of global communications escapes many of your colleagues, your online education will have introduced you to a global network of classmates with whom you will have collaborated and communicated throughout the course of your education. There's no better way to prepare for the global workplace!

Your school views your online degree with exactly the same esteem as a traditional degree. You worked just as hard to get it, and you met the same requirements. Since we don't see a difference, neither should you or your potential employer. In many cases, the hiring manager interviewing you for your dream job has earned their graduate or professional degree online too!