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Financial Aid Options

Many people don't pursue college degrees because they think they cannot afford the tuition. If you think a college education is out of your financial reach, think again, there may be financial aid options available for you.

The term "Financial Aid" encompasses grants, loans and scholarships. Financial Aid Advisors hear one common concern: "I know I won't qualify for financial aid." This is a misconception. Nationally, more than two-thirds of undergraduate students applying for a federal loan are granted their request!

The Federal Stafford Loan program provides low-interest rate loans for tuition. A basic credit check is not part of the qualification process, so don't worry about credit problems keeping you from being approved. 

The Federal Pell Grant and Cal Grant are available to qualifying students. These grants are considered "free money." You do not have to pay these grant funds back! Pell Grant eligibility is based primarily on your income, and Cal Grant eligibility is based on your GPA. Other financial and merit-based scholarship opportunities may exist for you as well.

Additional Financial Aid options are also available to help you finance your education. Many financial institutions (Wells Fargo, Citibank, Bank of America, etc) provide Alternative Student Loan programs. These programs are available for students who do not qualify for a Stafford loan and those who do qualify but still require additional funds for tuition.

One way or another there are plenty of resources available that may help you pay for your education. If you have questions regarding Financial Aid, call the Financial Aid department at (858) 642-8500, or stop by a National University campus to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor.