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Careers in Education

Few career areas offer the high levels of job satisfaction that a career in education provides. By entering a career in education, you become part of the future and part of one of the professions that make the greatest difference in the lives of young people.

Unprecedented growth in the K-12 student population, combined with teacher and administrator retirements and smaller class-size initiatives, has created an in-demand job market for education professionals.

Qualified teachers, school psychologists, counselors, and administrators are needed, even during lay-offs. According to statistics, U.S. schools will need approximately 2 million new teachers over the next decade. It will not be easy for school systems to find them. Education researchers warn that schools are likely to begin feeling the pinch in as little as five years.

For example, one-third of California's 300,000 teachers are over the age of 50. College graduates aren't joining the profession at a rate fast enough to replace them.

In some areas, competition over certified teachers has become so fierce that districts are offering health insurance and various other benefits to attract the most qualified talent.

Your studies in the education field can lead you to a number of different careers including academic, vocational, technical, and career education.

Your career choices include work in public schools and private schools as well as a great array of others. For example, you may find yourself entering a corporate education career. There are also career opportunities in highly specialized areas and among specialized populations. Hospitals, prisons and long-term care facilities all employ teachers.

The School of Education at National University prepares more candidates for teaching credentials than any other university in California and is a leading provider of K-12 teachers in the state. National University also holds more K-12 teacher-training contracts with school districts than any other university, allowing you greater flexibility during your student-teaching assignments. To learn more about education programs at National University, visit us online.