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Online Bookstore

Online courses must be different...How and where do I get the textbooks required for my classes?

If you've attended another college or university, you probably experienced the nightmare of the student bookstore. The long lines, towering stacks of books, and beginning-of-semester chaos tend to take the excitement out of starting a new term.

With National University TextDirect, our online bookstore, buying your textbooks has never been easier. Simply log into your student account from the National University homepage, or visit the TextDirect website, and you can find and buy books for all your classes in one easy online session. You can also phone, fax, or mail in your textbook order.

All orders receive free ground shipping. Better yet, at the end of the term, you can sell your books back to TextDirect. Just print the pre-paid mailing label from the website, send them back, and you'll get a check in the mail!

To learn more about the student bookstore, visit us online.