Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to pay the International Student Activity Fee?
Yes, international students are required to pay a student activity fee of $50 upon arrival at National University. This activity fee is non-refundable and is a one-time per program fee. International students who enroll in a second degree program at National University will be required to pay an additional activity fee, upon the start of that program.

Do I have to attend the international student orientation?
Yes, the international student orientation is mandatory for all incoming students holding a non-immigrant student visa. The orientation session will cover National University’s international programs, academic and immigration policies and cultural adjustments in the United States. Additionally during orientation you will be able to sign up for a bank account and cell phone service. For more information in regards to the international student orientation please contact your campus’ International Student Services office.

Am I required to have health insurance?
Yes, International Students holding non-immigrant student visas at National University must provide proof of medical insurance. Students have two options to show proof of medical insurance:

  1. Purchase health insurance in their home country, or
  2. Purchase health insurance in the United States, after arrival.

The minimum health insurance requirements are:

  • Benefit - $250,000 (for each injury or sickness)
  • Deductible - $50 (for each injury or sickness)

Does National University provide student housing?
No, National University does not have on-campus housing for its students. However, our International Student Services office can help place you with a local host family in homestay, find a roommate, or find local off campus housing. Please contact your International Student Services coordinator.

What is the International Student Tuition prepayment and refund policy?
International students admitted to National University with F-1 visas are required to pay their first three classes in advance upon arrival at the university. Tuition for the first class is non-refundable. Tuition refunds for the second and third months will be in accordance with National University refund policies

What do I need to know and do prior to travelling outside of the United States?
Travel Endorsements are required for re-entry into the United States; this also includes travel destinations such as Canada and Mexico. You must have the International Programs Office sign page 3 of your Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant (F-1) student status (I-20) and submit a Travel Endorsement Form before traveling outside of the United States at any time. It takes three to five business days to process this request. Prior to submitting your I-20 and the Travel Endorsement Form, students must hold a zero balance with Student Accounts, and show proof of health insurance. Travel should be avoided during periods of Optional Practical Training and near the completion of your degree. For more information about the risk involved with travel outside the United States please contact

What kinds of employment options are available for F-1 Visa students?
F-1 Visa students may be eligible for the below types of employment. For assistance with the application process, please contact the International Programs Office at, or your International Student Services representative at (San Diego) or (Los Angeles).

Unpaid Internships
Students enrolled in an academic degree program may have an unpaid internship without authorization from the USCIS or DSO.

On-Campus Employment
Students enrolled in an academic degree program may work On-Campus without authorization from the USCIS or DSO. Students cannot work more than 20 hours a week (part-time). Students must end employment upon completion of their degree program.

Optional Practical Training (OPT)
Students must have maintained full-time student status for one academic year prior to applying for Pre-Completion or Post-Completion OPT. Students must have applied and received authorization from the USCIS prior to starting employment. Pre-Completion OPT cannot be for more than 20 hours a week and will affect the allotted time for Post-Completion OPT.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
CPT must have a valid purpose in the student’s program of study. CPT must be part of an established curriculum and students must have maintained full-time student status for one academic year. This option must be published in the University Catalog and/or departmental literature and must be available for all students. Students must have authorized from the Instructor and DSO/Immigration Specialist.