Dr. Federica Fornaciari

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Dr. Federica Fornaciari is a full--time Assistant Professor in the Department of Arts and Humanities at National University in La Jolla, California. She received a Master’s of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from Marshall University and a doctorate in Communication with a concentration in Electronic Security and Privacy from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Her dissertation titled “Privacy Frames: How the Media Write About, Discuss, and Afford Privacy” develops longitudinal discourse and content analyses of North American mainstream media framing of privacy in the last century. During her doctoral degree at UIC, Federica received an IGERT fellowship from the National Science Foundation. She also worked as visiting scholar at the University of Copenhagen and at the ITU Copenhagen (Denmark).

Federica teaches a variety of classes including Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Communication Theory, Interactive Storytelling, Communication Technologies, and Social Media Studies. Combining creative work and scholarship in media studies, social media, rhetoric, privacy, security, and interpersonal communication, she provides students with the theoretical and practical toolkits necessary to unpack the complexity of a multifaceted communication environment.

Recent Publications
Fornaciari, F.(2014). Pricey privacy: The economy of information in the digital age. First Monday, 19(12).
Fornaciari, F.(2012). The language of technoself: Storytelling, symbolic interactionism, and online identity. In R. Luppicini (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Technoself: Identity in a Technological Society. IGI Global.
Fornaciari, F.(2011). Framing the Egyptian revolution: A content analysis of Al Jazeera English and the BBC. Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research, 4(2-3), pp. 217–229.

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