Academic Preparation Program

This series of courses is designed for students seeking to develop essential academic and critical thinking skills applicable in a variety of undergraduate and graduate-level programs such as health, business, accounting, engineering, computer science, communication, education, economics, finance, environmental science, hospitality, public relations, and other related fields. Students develop key vocabulary and terminology, conceptualization and critical analysis skills, and professional communicative competence while working within the framework and content associated with their chosen discipline.

Length: Each course one month
Cost: $750 per course

ACA 1900X Foundations for Your Discipline
ACA 1910X Research in Your Discipline
ACA 1920X Framework of Your Discipline
ACA 1930X Changes & Challenges in Your Discipline
ACA 1940X Impact of Your Discipline
ACA 1950X Innovations in Your Discipline

To register, or for more information, contact the English Language Programs at (858) 541-7747 or email