Prior Learning Credit for Work Experience

National University recognizes that knowledge gained outside the classroom is extremely valuable. In addition to the traditional classroom setting, mastery of college-level knowledge and skills may occur as a result of nontraditional learning experiences such as employment, military training and experience, non-collegiate training programs, advanced high school courses, and self-development.

As a result, we offer a number of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) opportunities that make it possible for you to earn credit for your previous education, work experience, and learning outside the classroom. The Division of Extended Learning can assist you with one such opportunity to earn up to 22.5 quarter units of credit in the following degree programs:

If you plan on entering any one of these programs, you can save both time and money by taking a course that will provide you with a framework to develop a portfolio to reflect the knowledge and expertise that you have learned outside the classroom. Your portfolio will be evaluated by expert faculty in these fields of study, drawn from a wide range of schools across the country through the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL). Once evaluated and approved, the credit awarded will appear on your transcript.

To get started, this easy-to-use credit predictor tool can help you assess your knowledge for earning prior learning credit from military, workplace, or volunteer experiences that may qualify for college credit.

To learn more about CAEL and Prior Learning Credit programs, please call the Division of Extended Learning to speak with a student advisor toll free at (800) 628-8648 ext. 8600.