Why National Board

Jasmine Q. Class of 2019

Teachers who hold this valuable certification may earn more money and receive greater recognition from leaders in their respective fields. Why? Because, as a teacher or principal goes through the year long process, skills, knowledge and behaviors are positively influenced. As a result, students are impacted by improvement in planning, instruction and assessment of learning. The process and application of the tools is a powerful, meaningful, job embedded experience. Most importantly, recent research shows that students who learn from teachers with NBCT certification perform better on high stakes tests and related measures of achievement.

Need more reasons to earn your Master’s Degree with the NBCT certificate from National University? Consider the following facts:

  • National University’s one-course-per-month format allows you to pursue your dual degree/certification in less time than traditional degree programs.
  • National University’s course offerings are coordinated with your school year schedule so you can complete all of your program requirements in a timely manner.
  • All National University NBCT courses are taught by experienced NBCT certified teachers so learning is up-to-date and relevant.
  • NBCT certificate with your master’s degree is an invaluable asset to your career.
  • Every student in the country deserves to have a highly accomplished teacher every year of schooling.