Tailored to You

Tailored to You

Flexibility means your education fits into your busy life.

Chances are you already have a busy life, with a career and maybe a family of your own.

If you’re in the military, you may be stationed in another country at any time.

Whatever your circumstances, it’s important that the school you are considering fits your life.

That’s why National University offers flexible options that allow for on-campus, on-base and online learning, giving you the tools to earn an education on your schedule, virtually anywhere you are.

With a concentrated, one-class-per-month format, you’ll also find that National University offers a faster route to your degree than a traditional college.

And if you need to take a month off because life gets in the way, that’s okay too.

The education system and curriculum at National University have been developed from the beginning for adult learners and aims to be challenging, comprehensive and intuitive.

Online classes are structured so that they are similar to the classroom experience, with required attendance, etc., but offer more flexibility and freedom.

When choosing online schools, it ’s important to consider key factors like access, course design, and technical support—all areas where National University excels.

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