ACCUPLACER and WritePlacer
Testing Services

Allison C. Class of 2018

Mathematics Evaluation

It is strongly recommended that all entering undergraduate students take the Accuplacer mathematics evaluation as part of the admissions process. The results of the evaluation are printed immediately, provided to students, and are helpful for students beginning their studies.

Students without transfer credit for lower division college-level mathematics courses completed elsewhere with a grade of "C" or better will be required to complete MTH 012A and MTH 012B prior to attempting regularly required math courses here at National University. MTH 012A and MTH 012B do not grant collegiate credit. Grading is S/U only.

In the absence of transfer credit, students may test out of one or both of these courses through successful placement by ACCUPLACER. For more information on the exam, please visit the ACCUPLACER website. You may request an ACCUPLACER testing session through your Academic Advisor or by contacting the National University Testing Center at or calling (858) 541-7951 or 1-866-NU-ACCESS, ext. 7951.

NOTE: First-time undergraduate students can take the ACCUPLACER evaluation once at no charge. Subsequent evaluations can be repeated after 14 days. The Math ACCUPLACER test may be repeated a maximum of three (3) times.

WritePlacer Testing

Students in CED 607 and PED 603 are required to take the ACCUPLACER essay evaluation known as the WritePlacer. The WritePlacer test is a one-hour timed test in which students write a 300-600 word essay, which is automatically graded. For more information on the exam, please visit the ACCUPLACER website.

Scheduling Math ACCUPLACER or WritePlacer Exams

The ACCUPLACER exams can be administered at many National University locations, including some military bases. In addition, for students living far from campus, we also offer referrals to nearby testing locations approved to administer the exam as well as online remote proctoring upon request.

Students needing to take the Math ACCUPLACER or WritePlacer exams: