Teddy T. - Class of 2021, Military Veteran

Student Learning Outcomes

Teddy T. - Class of 2021, Military Veteran

Before visiting the Math Centers

  1. Students will know that one-on-one help is available for writing and math.
  2. Students will know how to book an appointment.

When visiting the Math Center, students will demonstrate

  1. Preparedness by planning for their tutorial session and arriving with relevant materials.
  2. Self-reliance by identifying the questions they wish to focus during the tutorial session.
  3. Problem solving/creative thinking ability by identifying the main points of discussion raised during the tutorial session to plan next steps in the learning process.

The Math Center will help students to improve their abilities and skills in:

  1. Communicating mathematics with confidence.
  2. Using quantitative reasoning and applying mathematics tools in solving problems.
  3. Applying mathematics knowledge to modeling real-world situations.
  4. Using appropriate technology in order to enhance their mathematical thinking and understanding, solve mathematical problems, and judge the reasonableness of their results. Math Center FAQs.
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