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How to Earn an Online Degree Writing What You Love

Creative writing is one of those fields of study that allows you to turn talent and passion into a career — and maybe even a book. A master of fine arts (MFA) is a popular graduate degree among writers looking to further their education, complete a literary project, or embark on a career in academia. …

Can I Take Human Resources Classes Online?

To meet the needs of today’s diverse and multi-faceted workplaces, the human resources profession continues to expand. Whether adjusting corporate culture to support flexible work schedules, finding the right candidates in a tight labor market, or balancing diversity in hiring, today’s human resources professionals face ever-evolving responsibilities. If you’re looking to build your career in …

Online Learning: College on Your Schedule

Everybody’s doing it.  From large universities to the local community college, online learning is no longer a novelty, but a solid fixture in the educational landscape. Whether that means getting a high school diploma, a bachelor’s or graduate degree, even some Ph.D.s, online learning — education that is delivered electronically through the use of technology …

Inizio Interventions

15% Tuition Reduction Scholarship for Inizio Interventions Employees National University is proud to partner with Inizio Interventions to offer a 15% tuition reduction scholarship to employees looking to expand their knowledge and skills for professional and personal growth. The Inizio Interventions Tuition Reduction Scholarship is a great benefit for working adults who want to reach …

Home of Guiding Hands Partnership

National University is proud to partner with Home of Guiding Hands to bring a 15% Tuition Reduction Scholarship to employees looking to expand their knowledge and skills for professional and personal growth.

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From High School Teacher to Community College Professor

There’s nothing like seeing the look of understanding suddenly appear on the faces of students you’re teaching. Those “lightbulb moments” are the reason many choose to enter — and stay — in the teaching profession. And, sometimes, staying means transitioning from one teaching environment to another. This is the case for many high school teachers …

How Do You Become a Principal? The Path From Teacher to Principal

Teaching is a rewarding profession in so many ways. But, for some teachers, there comes a time when they feel a calling to do something that takes them beyond the classroom — while still keeping them in the education field. For them, the natural next step is to become a principal.