Dr. Sam Marandos

License Certificates

  • 1991-01-07, Crosscultural, Language And Academic Development Certificate, CTC, CA
  • 1971-06-11, Standard Secondary Teaching Credential, CTC, CA
  • 1971-06-11, Standard Elementary Teaching Credential, CTC, CA


  • Marandos, S. (2010). Progressive Philosophy: Its Impact in Classroom Practices. Paper presented at the , Las Vegas, NV.
  • Marandos, S. (2010). The Character of a Great Teacher: The Impact of Socrates on Education. Paper presented at the , Las Vegas, NV.
Dr. Sam Marandos

Contact Information

Dr. Sam Marandos

College: Sanford College of Education

Department: Teacher Education


(209) 475-1449

Rancho Cordova Campus


UC San Francisco - EDD - Curriculum and Instruction