Dr. Jyothi Bathina

Dr. Jyothi Bathina is a Professor in the Sanford College of Education and the Academic Program Director for the Inspired Teaching and Learning Credential with MEd. She is a member of the President’s Council for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and co-chair of the Curriculum Diversity committee. She is also Associate Editor for NU’s Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching and Learning.

Dr. Bathina received her Doctorate in English specializing in Postcolonial Studies at University of Nevada-Reno. Prior to joining National University, Dr. Bathina served as Reading Program Director and Faculty Assembly President at California State University, Fresno, where she was a tenured Associate Professor in the Kremen School of Education.

Dr. Bathina’s research agenda is focused on literacy, particularly building critical, academic, and functional literacy among underserved populations. She is interested in exploring the role of race, culture and ethnicity as well as socioeconomic status on academic success, and analyzing successful international educational models to see how they serve and inspire students to succeed. For the past decade, Dr. Bathina has worked with a tribal orphanage in India to build literacy by conducting training workshops for teachers.

Dr. Bathina has experience as a high school teacher, literacy coach and small school coordinator in New York and in California and holds clear credentials in both states, as well as administrative credential eligibility in California. Her experience working with students in the South Bronx, as well as in various high schools in San Jose and East Palo Alto, have led her to become a strong advocate of engaging students through personal narrative and critical thinking.

Dr. Bathina founded the nonprofit Literate Voices in order to work with schools to build literacy and encourage student voice by publishing student narrative anthologies. She has published seven student anthologies and several journal articles regarding her research. Dr. Bathina also authors the blog Literate Voices which offers practical research-based guidance for classroom teachers. She was keynote speaker for the Cesar Chavez Conference, as well as for the International Conference on Women’s Studies in Goa, India, and has presented her work at numerous local, national and international conferences.

Most recently Dr. Bathina is the co-pi and co-director with Fresno Unified School District for a $6.5 million-dollar grant from the Dept of Education for a five-year cohort-based Teacher Residency Program with a credential and Master’s through National University.


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Jyothi Bathina

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