Dr. Denise Tolbert

Dr. Denise Tolbert holds a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from the University of Northern Colorado. Her work and research are focused in the areas of Instructional Design and virtual learning environments.


Type Date Author Type Date Title Publication Name Author List Publisher Volume / Issue / Page
Article – Peer Reviewed Co-Author Course Redesign of Online Non-Majors Biology: Analysis of Effects Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching, Barral, A.M., Simmons, R., Tolbert, D. LaJolla, CA: National University v9(1)
Chapter Co-Author Structuring and Resourcing your eLearning Unit. Leading and Managing e-Learning: What the e-Learning Leader Needs to Know. A. Pina, V. Lowell, & R. Harris, (Eds.) Dickson-Deane, C., Tolbert, D., Mcmahon, C., & Funk, C. Springer 61-72
Proceedings Co-Author 2015 Project-Based Learning and Simulated Virtual Enterprises. AECT International Conference Proceedings, November, 2015, Indianapolis, IN. Tolbert, D. & Gerston, A. AECT
Proceedings Author ActNOW: Improving the Health Trends in the African American Community ActNOW: Improving the Health Trends in the African American Community. Tolbert, D., Parker, R. Schilz, P. AECT International Conference, November, 2014, Jac
Dr. Denise Tolbert


Dr. Denise Tolbert

Sanford College of Education

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Univ of Northern Colorado - PHD - Educational Technology