Dr. Allison Smith


  • American Association for Colleges of Teacher Education
  • American Educational Research Association

Honors and Awards

  • 2017, College of Education (UNLV) Collab Group Award
  • 2017, AACTE Teacher Diversity Research Award nomination
  • 2015, AERA Outstanding Dissertation Award nomination
  • 2014, Outstanding Presentation Award
  • 2012, Fulbright Scholarship Finalist


  • Smith, A.. (2017). Policy by, with, and for all students: How to make public education work. Brown Center on
    Education Policy, Brown Center Cha.
  • Smith, A. & Spatariu, A.. (2015). Student achievement and teacher evaluation: A review of past and current government policy reform and scholarly research with an emphasis on multicultural educational implications. Journal of Education Policy, Planning & Administra, 5(9): 1/21.
  • Smith, A., Crosthwaite, J., & Clark, C.. (2015). Institutional racism. S. Thompson (Ed.), The encyclopedia of diversity a. 2: 413-6.
  • Smith, A. & Garcia, H. A.. (2013). Increasing the trickle: A proposed critical multiculturalist conceptual model to increase the pipeline to a more diverse STEM doctorate population. Journal for Multicultural Education,
  • Smith, A., Crothwaite, J., & Clark, C.. (n.d.). White privilege. S. Thompson (Ed.), The encyclopedia of diversity a. 2: 743-4.


  • Smith, A. (2017-04-01). Revealing the detrimental impacts of teacher evaluation reform upon teachers' lives and classroom climate. Conference presented at the American Educational Research Association.
  • Smith, A. (2017-01-01). Abriendo Caminos/Opening Pathways: Opening Pathways for Students of Color into Teaching as a Career. Paper presented at the California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators Summer Institute.
  • Smith, A. (2015-01-01). How federal policy negatively impacts urban schools and minority teachers through teacher evaluation reform. Paper presented at the Hawaii International Conference on Education.
  • Smith, A. (2012-11-01). A Case Study of U.S. History Textbooks and the Teaching of Citizenship in America's K-12 Curriculum: What does the 21st Century hold?. Paper presented at the International Assembly of the National Council of the Social Studies.
  • Smith, A. (2012-11-01). Analysis of Two US History Textbooks: Providing Comprehensive Portrayals of Minorities. Paper presented at the National Council of the Social Studies.
Dr. Allison Smith

Contact Information

Dr. Allison Smith

College: Sanford College of Education

Department: Teacher Education


(858) 642-8316

Torrey Pines South Campus


Univ of Nevada, Las Vegas - PHD - Teacher Education