Dr. Lucinda Kramer


Type Date Title Audience Function Location
Conference 2018-02-01 Teachers-Dispositions and Professional Commitment to Working With Diverse Families California Head Start Association – 2018 Annual Conference Costa Mesa, CA
Conference 2017-10-01 The Power of the Other and the Power of Paradox: Mentoring on Steroids University of New Mexico Mentoring Institute ABQ, NM
Conference 2016-10-01 Paradox and 3rd Space: The Forgotten Elements in Successful Mentoring University of New Mexico Mentoring Institute ABQ, NM
Conference 2015-10-01 Using the Skilled Dialogue Dashboard to Support Mentoring of Teacher Mentors 8th Annual Mentoring Conference, University of New Mexico ABQ, NM
Conference 2015-10-01 Compassionate Collaboration: Concretely Crafting Social Justice and Equity with Families and Children DEC International Conference Atlanta, GA
Paper 2012-05-01 Skilled Dialogue Institute- Lady of the Lake University San Antonio, TX
Paper 2012-03-01 Stuck in Dualistic Thinking? Leveraging the Strengths of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Perspectives. Las Vegas, NV
Paper 2012-02-01 Skilled Dialogue Miami, FL
Paper 2011-12-01 Who Is Really Teaching Your Child? 1:1 Paraprofessionals: Critical Link to IEP Atlanta, GA
Paper 2011-11-01 Collaboration & Behavioral Support: Supporting Interactions with Families Denton, TX
Paper 2011-11-01 Thinking in Threes: Honoring and Leveraging the Strengths of Culturally Linguistically Diverse Perspectives Austin, TX
Paper 2011-11-01 Data Mining: Disaggregating SLO Data La Jolla, CA
Conference 2011-10-01 Giving Voice to Families: Addressing Their Real Needs. Nashville, TN.
Conference 2011-10-01 Skilled Dialogue: Helping Educators Support Diverse Identities and Voices in the Classroom New Orleans, LA
Paper 2011-10-01 Nurturing the Development of Positive Teacher Dispositions through Structured Instructional Engagement. San Diego, CA
Paper 2011-09-01 Writing Federal Grant Proposal: Collaborative Approach La Jolla, CA
Conference 2011-08-01 Parent participation the elusive link: Critical dispositions for collaborative relationships with diverse families Glenside, PA
Paper 2011-01-01 Collaboration & Behavioral Support: Supporting Interactions with Families Denton, TX
Paper 2010-12-01 Embracing Differences: Leveraging Cultural Literacy for Successful Inclusion and Learning Denver, CO
Paper 2010-11-01 Transforming Interactions: Crafting Collaborative Relationships with All Families La Jolla, CA
Poster 2010-10-01 Critical Dispositions for Transforming Challenging Interactions with Families Kansas City, MO
Paper 2010-10-01 Student Learning Improvement La Jolla, CA
Paper 2010-09-01 SOE SAC Assessment Workshop Sessions I & II National University, Spectrum
Paper 2010-08-01 Relationships & Stage Setting: The Role of Skilled Dialogue in Becoming a Passionate and Effective Teacher Kansas City, MO
Paper 2010-05-01 High Quality Preschools-Workforce Development Indicators of Excellence. Costa Mesa, CA
Paper 2010-04-01 Signature Assignments. La Jolla, CA
Paper 2010-02-01 Skilled Dialogue: Helping Teachers Support Dispositions towards Diverse Identities and Voices. Chicago, IL
Paper 2009-12-01 Skilled Dialogue in Early Childhood Mental Health: Expanding Quality in Infant Toddler Care Initiative. Anschutz Medical Campus Denver, CO
Paper 2009-10-01 Crafting Collaborative Inclusive Practice in Diverse EC Settings Albuquerque, NM
Paper 2009-08-01 Serving Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Young Children and Families Milwaukee, WI
Paper 2009-06-01 Responding to Family Diversity: ECI Providers and Program Administrators San Marcos, CA
Paper 2009-05-01 Diversity in Early Intervention: Home and Site-based Dialogue San Marcos, CA
Paper 2009-04-01 Serving Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Young Children and Families Chicago, IL
Poster 2009-02-01 Ensuring Responsive Instruction for Culturally/Linguistically Diverse Students with LD. Salt Lake City, UT
Paper 2008-11-01 Inclusive Settings: Using Skilled Dialogues with Families and Providers- Serving Linguistically, Culturally and Developmentally Diverse Children Dallas , TX
Poster 2008-11-01 Setting the Stage for Miracles: Open a Window of Possibility (POSTER). Dallas, TX
Paper 2008-10-01 Setting the Stage for Miracles: Challenging Behaviors and Skilled Dialogue Minneapolis, CA
Paper 2008-04-01 Transforming Educator's Interactions with Families. Austin, TX
Paper 2008-04-01 Mentoring Strategies for Early Childhood Coaches Denver, CO
Paper 2008-04-01 More than Cookies and Hugs: Grandparents Raising Young Grandchildren Long Beach, CA
Paper 2008-03-01 Students with LD: Cultural Literacy and Academic Performance Chicago, IL
Paper 2008-02-01 Skilled Dialogue-Setting the Stage: Acknowledging and Accessing Family Strengths Denton, TX
Paper 2008-02-01 Think Inclusively! Tapping Students Cultural Literacy to Increase Academic Performance San Diego, CA
Paper 2008-01-01 Leveraging Students Cultural Literacy to Address Challenging Behaviors Colorado Springs, CO
Paper 2007-12-01 Tips for Parents: Paraprofessional- Bridge or Barrier to IEP Accountability Seattle, WA
Paper 2007-11-01 Helping Teachers Advocate for Diverse Identities and Voices Chicago, IL
Paper 2007-11-01 Reframing Differences: Strategies for Respectful, Reciprocal & Responsive Interactions with Diverse Children & Families Victoria, Australia
Paper 2007-09-01 Skilled Dialogue in Family Health: A Tool for Honoring Diverse Identities, Voices and Connections. Cheyenne, WY
Paper 2007-02-01 Building on Student Strengths: Leveraging Cultural Literacy to Increase Academic Performance Irvine, CA
Paper 2007-02-01 Challenging Behaviors: A Bridge for the RSP Teacher San Francisco, CA
Paper 2006-12-01 Thinking in Threes: Skilled Dialogue Applications to Clinical Reasoning and Practice Albuquerque, NM
Paper 2006-11-01 Conflict and Mediation: Using Skillled Dialogue to Facilitate Positive Outcomes Across Differences Minneapolis, MN
Paper 2006-10-01 Is a Nonpublic School Setting Right for Your Child? Northridge, CA
Paper 2006-07-01 Skilled Dialogue and Challenging Behavior Houston, TX
Paper 2005-11-01 Strategies for Respect, Responsive Assessment & Instructional Strategies for Students with Special Needs. Salt Lake City, UT
Paper 2005-10-01 Challenging Behaviors: From Judgment to Respect, Reciprocity, and Responsiveness. Portland, OR
Paper 2005-06-01 No Culture Left Behind: Preparing Teachers to Leverage Cultural Literacy to Increase Children's Learning Skills San Antonio, TX
Paper 2005-04-01 Multicultural Summit: Chairs of Division Diversity Committees (Panelist) Salt Lake City, UT


Type Date Author Type Date Title Publication Name Author List Publisher Volume / Issue / Page
Article Co-Author Using Skilled Dialogue to Transform Challenging Interactions: Part II- Strategies and Implementation Barrera, I.
Article Co-Author Using Skilled Dialogue to Transform Challenging Interactions: Part I- Target Qualities and Critical Dispositions Barrera, I.
Article Co-Author 2012-01-01 Relationships and Paradigm Shifts: Exploring Dispositions to Engender Loving. Joyful, Compassionate Partnerships with Parents Council of Exceptional Children- Young Exceptional Children Monograph Series 14 12-24
Book Co-Author Skilled dialogue: Authentic communication and collaboration across diverse perspectives Barrera, I. And Kramer, L. Bloomington, IN: Balboa Press
Book Co-Author Skilled Dialogue: Strategies for responding to cultural diversity in early childhood, Second Edition. Barrera, I., Macpherson, D. Brooks Publishing Co, MD
Dr. Lucinda Kramer


Dr. Lucinda Kramer

Sanford College of Education

Special Education


University of New Mexico - PHD - Special Education