Dr. Shak Hanish


  • American Political Science Ass
  • International Studies Association
  • Middle East Studies Association


Type Date Title Audience Function Location
Paper 2014-06-01 The Eastern Christians: Discrimination, immigration, and solutions Bucharest, Romania
Conference 2013-06-01 Reconstruction Planning and Local Economic Development Presentations International Syrian Summer University in Exile 2013 University of Gaziantep- Turke
Paper 2013-06-01 The Current Kurdish Iraqi governments relations: An Assessment Athens, Greece
Paper 2011-06-01 The Iraqi Election Laws: An Asssessment Athens, Greece
Paper 2010-06-01 The Autonomy Issue for the Chaldo- Assyrians in Iraq: A Realist Assessment Athens, Greece
Paper 2008-06-01 The Current Status of Religious Minorities in New Iraq Athens, Greece
Paper 2006-06-01 Women in New Iraq Amman, Jordan
Paper 2006-06-01 The Syriac Speaking People in Iraq: An Identity Issue Amman, Jordan
Paper 2006-05-01 Current Political Development in Iraq San Diego, CA
Paper 2006-03-01 Women and the New Iraqi Constitution San Diego, CA
Paper 2006-01-01 The Role of Religion in the Making of the New Iraqi Constitution Honolulu, HI
Paper 2005-10-01 Beyond Just the Fact MaÆam; A Pre-Mediation Interview Workshop El Cajon, CA


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Dr. Shak Hanish


Dr. Shak Hanish

College of Letters and Sciences

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Northern Arizon University - PHD - Political Science