Dr. Henry Venter


Type Date Author Type Date Title Publication Name Author List Publisher Volume / Issue / Page
Article Author Oct 2018 Training for Hope: Redefining Graduate Clinical Counselling Training by Incorporating the Bio-Psycho-Social Model and the Recovery Concept in the Curriculum Journal of the II Congress on Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of the 21st Century.
Article Co-Author Mar 2017 The Spiritual Treatment Philosophy of Integrated Person-Centered and Existential Therapy (IPCE) Journal of the International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology Venter H & Venter C.
Article Author 2016 Self-Transcendence: Maslow's Answer to Cultural Closeness Journal of Innovation Management 4(4)
Article Author Oct 2015 Validating the Integrated Person Centered and Existential Therapy Model (IPCE) for the Treatment of Combat Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder International Journal of Advances in Social Sciences and Humanities 3(10) 15-23
Article Author Feb 2014 Barriers to psychiatric care among military and veterans populations in the US: The effect of stigma and prejudice on psychological and pharmacological treatment The International Journal of Advances in Psychology 3(1)
Article Author Feb 2014 Work Performance and Satisfaction in Organizations: The Optimal Functioning Critical Set Change Management: An International Journal Common Ground Publishing 13(3) 1-9
Chapter Co-Author 2015 Globalization and the New World Citizen: Maslow's Level of Self Transcendence Globalization and Responsibility: Challenges and Opportunities. Ed. Stefan Litz. Venter, H. & Venter C. Common Ground Publishing LLC. Champaign, IL
Presentation Author May 2018 The Mental-health crisis among migrants and refugees: The value of an integrated existential treatment approach. World Psychiatric Association Epidemiology and Public Health Section International Conference: Emerging mental health challenges across the globe. Columbia University, NY, May 2018.
Dr. Henry Venter


Dr. Henry Venter

College of Letters and Sciences



University of Johannesburg - PHD - Psychology