Dr. Pavel Glukhovskiy


  • American Chemical Society
  • American National Geographic Society
  • California Separation Science Society
  • Ukrainian National Guild of Writers

Honor Awards

  • Excellence in Chemical Research — 2001-04-18
  • Outstanding Poster Presentation — 2000-09-20
  • Outstanding Poster Presentation — 1999-09-29


Type Date Title Audience Function Location
Paper 2014-09-01 Evaluation of immune potential of the helophyte based on the level of parasitic invasion Lviv-Vorokhta, Ukraine
Paper 2008-05-01 Application Of The Hammett Acidity Function For The Evaluation Of Resin Resistance Milwaukee, WI
Paper 2005-11-01 On Mathematical Education for Science Major Students at American Universities Donetsk, Ukraine


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Dr. Pavel Glukhovskiy


Dr. Pavel Glukhovskiy

College of Letters and Sciences

Mathematics & Natural Sciences


Texas A&M, College Station - PHD - Chemistry