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Type Date Author Type Date Title Publication Name Author List Publisher Volume / Issue / Page
Role of Hydrogen Bonds in Benzimidazole-Based Organic Magnetic Materials: Crystal Scaffolding or Exchange Linkers Ferrer, Jacqueline R.; Lahti, Paul M.; George, Clifford; Oliete, Patricia; Julier, Michel; Palacio, Chemistry of Materials 13(7) 2447-2454
Hydrogen Bonded benzimidazole based tert-butylnitroxides. P. Lahti, J. Ruiz, G. Clifford, P. Oliete, M. Julier, F. Palacio. Polyhedron 2014 65-73
Synthesis Crystallographic and Magnetic Properties of 2-tert-butylaminoxylbenzimidazole J. Ruiz, P. Lahti, G. Clifford, G. Antorrea, F. Palacio Chem. Matter 1999 2005-2210
Polymeric H-Bonded and Chelatable Phenoxyl and nitroxides radicals P. Lahti, B. Esat, J. Ruiz, Y. Lui, K. Marby, X. Chumping, G. Clifford, G. Antorrena, F. Palacio Mol Cryst. Liq. Cryst. 1999, 334, 334 285-294
Palladium Calalyzed Reactions of Styryl bromides with 1-propenyltributyilin. A. Zapata, J. Ruiz. Journal of Organomet. Chem C6-C8 479
Palladium Catalyzed reactions of a-bromo-ab-unsaturated carbonyl compounds N. Urdaneta, J. Ruiz, A. Zapata J. Organomet. Chem. 1994 C33-C34 464
Article – Peer Reviewed 2011 Synthesis, metabolic stability and antiviral evaluation of various alkoxyalkyl esters of cidofovir and 9-(S)-[3-hydroxy-2-(phosphonomethoxy)propyl]adenine Ruiz, Jacqueline; Beadle, James R.; Mark Buller, R.; Schreiwer, Jill; Prichard, Mark N.; Keith, Kath Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 19(9) 2950-2958
Article – Peer Reviewed Synthesis and antiviral evaluation of alkoxyalkyl-phosphate conjugates of cidofovir and adefovir Ruiz, Jacqueline C.; Beadle, James R.; Aldern, Kathy A.; Keith, Kathy A.; Hartline, Caroll B.; Kern, Antiviral Research 75(1) 8790
Article – Peer Reviewed Synthesis and antiviral evaluation of alkoxyalkyl esters of phosphonopropoxymethyl-guanine and phosphonopropoxymethyl-diaminopurine Ruiz, Jacqueline C.; Aldern, Kathy A.; Beadle, James R.; Hartline, Caroll B.; Kern, Earl R.; Hostetl Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy 17(2) 89-95
Article – Peer Reviewed Heat Capacity and antiferromagnetic Phase Transition of the organic radical magnet, 2-tert-butylaminoxybenzimidazole (BABI). Y. Miyazaki, T. Sakakibara, J. Ruiz, P. Lahti, G. Antorrena, F. Palacio, M. Sorai. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 8615-8620
Thesis Author Synthesis isolation and magnetic properties of hydrogen -bonded tert -butylnitroxides Doctoral Dissertations University Of Massachussetts
Dr. Jacqueline Ruiz


Dr. Jacqueline Ruiz

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