Dr. Scott Mcclintock


  • Hemingway Society
  • Modern Language Association
  • The Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies

Honor Awards

  • Fellowship for Research — 2011-09-01
  • Fellowship for Study — 2010-09-05


Type Date Title Audience Function Location
Paper 2018-06-22 The Visual Rhetoric of Terrorist Bodies in Literature and Mass Media 32nd Annual Visual Communications Conference National University, La Jolla,
Paper 2016-01-10 What A Disgrace Is It To Know Thy Face Tomorrow: Javier MarÍas Tu Rostro MaÑana And The National Surveillance State 14th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities Honolulu, HI
Paper 2012-05-25 Straight Down Into the Map: Surveying Hollow World Geographies in the Fiction of Thomas Pynchon American Literature Association Conference San Francisco, CA
Paper 2011-06-17 Una maravillosa historia de la costa cubana: Carlos Gutiérrez y labitácora del Anita como testimonio para la cultura oral de los pescadores cubanos 13 Coloquio Internacional Ernest Hemingway Havana, Cuba
Paper 2010-10-08 A Marvelous Story of the Cuban Coast: Carlos Gutierrez Anita Log as Testimony to the Oral Culture of Cuban Fishermen American Literature Association Symposium on American Fiction 1890 to the Present Savannah, GA
Paper 2009-10-10 Teaching 20th Century Modernists American Fiction in the 21st Century Classroom American Literature Association Symposium on American Fiction: 1890 to the Present Savannah, GA
Paper 2007-03-16 Best Practices in Online Teaching Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching West Pomona, CA
Paper 2006-01-01 The Poetics of Fission in Robinson Jeffers Honolulu, HI


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Dr. Scott Mcclintock


Dr. Scott Mcclintock

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UC Irvine - PHD - Comparative Literature