Dr. Janet Baker

Honor Awards

  • Professoriate Award — 2010-05-01
  • Distinguished Teaching Award — 2000-07-26


Type Date Title Audience Function Location
Art 2014-05-01 Return the Root
Art 2014-02-01 Stretch the Earth
Art 2013-11-01 With Mother at Hot Springs Black Earth, WI


  • Baker, J.B., (2018). Untitled poem. Bottle Rockets, Windsor, CT (2018).
  • Baker, J.B., (2015). Poem "The Lost Egret". Adanna Literary Journal (2015).
  • Baker, J.B., (2015). Poems "Through the Window" and "Certainty.". San Diego Poetry Annual Anthology 2015.
  • Baker, J.B., (2015). Poem "Two Hearts.". Magee Park Poets Anthology 2015.
  • Baker, J.B., (2017). Featured Poet. Words and Music Poetry Series..
  • Baker, J.B., (2011). Featured poet, with John Fox (President, Institute for Poetic Medicine), Lynn Pollack, and Jim Hornsby.. My Looking Ripens Things (2011).
Dr. Janet Baker


Dr. Janet Baker

College of Letters and Sciences

Arts and Humanities


University of Florida - PHD - English