Dr. Cynthia Sytsma

Dr. Cindy Sytsma, Ph.D. holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Master of Arts in Education, two teaching credentials, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Human Services Criminal Justice. She has worked as a Correctional Deputy for the San Diego Sheriffs Department. After several years of law enforcement, Dr. Sytsma went on to earn her teaching credentials in both general and special education and worked as a classroom teacher for students with mild/moderate learning disabilities, a resource specialist, developed a learning center for struggling readers, and helped to develop a special education department at a brand new alternative high school. After earning her doctorate, she was hired by National University in the School of Education, where she taught teacher candidates in the credentialing program, masters program, developed a Master in Special Education Juvenile Justice, and supervised student teachers. She later transferred to the School of Professional Studies, where she teaches in both the Bachelor and Master programs for Criminal Justice Administration and serves on many university committees. She has presented at conferences all over the world, and is credited with several publications. Her research interests are wide-spread, given her diverse credentials, encompassing topics such as graduation rates and supports for teachers, delinquency rates and patterns, No Child Left Behind, grade appeals in higher education, and youth leadership, to name a few. She is a dedicated volunteer at her children’s elementary school, a girl scout leader, and special needs advocate. In her spare time, she enjoys anything that allows for quality family time, reading and watching movies.

Dr. Cynthia Sytsma

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Dr. Cynthia Sytsma

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