Dr. Ramon Corona


– Electronic Engineer, Universidad de Guadalajara, 1976
– MBA, National University, 1984
– Ph.D in Education Sciences (with honors), Universidad Iberoamericana Tijuana, Mexico, 2000
– AACSB Post-Doctoral degree in Marketing, Tulane University (New Orleans), 2009

Professional experience:

– Training at Pirelli International in Milan, Livorno, Naples and Bari (Italy), as well as in Southampton (England), Barcelona (Spain), Lyon (France). 1980-1981
– President and CEO, Pacific Steel (USA), 1983-1985
– President and CEO, American COINSA Inc, (USA), 1985-1987
– Marketing Director, Club Merchandising Inc (a division of Price Club, now Costco), 1998-1990
– President, Baja Celular (Mexico), 1991-1993
– President, International Learning Group, own Consulting firm, 2000 to date

Teaching experience:

Adjunct Faculty at National University from 2000 to 2004
Fulltime Professor at National University since 2000 at School of Business, teaching International Business, Strategy and Marketing courses
– Guest Professor at Tulane University for Post-doctorate degree in Marketing, 2010
– Guest Professor at UABC Tijuana in their Doctor in Business Administration program, 2008-2010
– Guest professor at several universities in Mexico and South America including ITESM (EGADE), UNIVA (Guadalajara), Universidad de Guadalajara (UDG), CEIPA (Medellin, Colombia), UABC Tijuana, etc.

Numerous presentations at peer-reviewed academic conferences in various countries, as well as over a dozen published papers in peer-reviewed journals, with topics in business and online education.

Key-note speaker at several commencement ceremonies, including Xochicalco and UNIVER universities (Mexico), as well as in other events and institutions.
Fluent in Spanish, English, Italian and basic French


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Dr. Ramon Corona

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Dr. Ramon Corona

College: College of Professional Studies

Department: Marketing and Management


(858) 642-8427

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Universidad Iberoamericana - PHD - Educational Sciences