National University on-site location

Before You Apply

National University on-site location

Before you begin the application process, please gather all of the pertinent information about your employment history, including dates, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Once you begin the process, you will have approximately 45 minutes in the application session before it times out. You may complete a portion of the application and save it, log out, and come back later to finalize and submit the application.

Do not use your browsers back button or other tools to navigate the National University application as you may experience unexpected results including loss of data and being logged out of the system. Please use the links embedded in our application.

Save your resume in a plain text format or in a format lower than MS Word 2007 (Vista .docx). If you copy and paste the text from your application without first saving in plain text format, the results will be very difficult for our hiring managers to read. Our systems are currently not compatible to accept uploaded MS Office 2007 (Vista .docx) formats.

You may upload only one document, so if you would like to incorporate a cover letter, please combine it with your resume and save as one document.

You will need to have an email address in order to complete our application. To obtain a free email account, visit or

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