National Board Certification

Jasmine Q. Class of 2019

National Board Certification is the best way to differentiate yourself from your peers and to become a highly accomplished educational leader. As one of National University’s most popular education programs, the Master of Arts in Teaching degree with a specialization in National Board Certification supports new and experienced teachers as they prepare to earn the most widely recognized certificate in the country. The NBCT certification is a symbol of teaching and leadership excellence. Across the country, NBCT is highly sought after because of its reputation for quality, portability, and potential for earning power.

National University students have three ways to prepare for, and to be supported as they attempt to earn a degree and to earn NBCT certification: Earn one of three Master’s degrees that include and embed NBCT specialization courses; complete five NBCT courses for graduate credit; get online and on ground NBCT candidate support with NBCT coaches. The specialized program enables students to earn a master’s degree or certificate as they develop the NBCT portfolio (thesis project). In the Master’s program, students complete five courses in their area of expertise (field or subject) in addition to completing five Core courses.

The program is unique to National University. More than 100 National Board
Certified Teachers serve as adjunct faculty and candidate support providers who are committed to improve student learning and leadership in schools through enhancing effective teaching performances with NBCT tools and processes.

The NBPTS is an independent, nonprofit, organization that was formed to develop and identify accomplished teachers who represent excellence in the profession and who provide evidence of their impact on student achievement. For more information about National Board Certification, visit For information about National University NBCT programs and professional development services contact Associate Dean, Donna Elder, at