Thursday - October 28, 2021

Why Managing Boundaries Helps Us Span Boundaries More Effectively

Preston Yarborough, Ph.D.
Senior Faculty at Center for Creative Leadership

When we collaborate across boundaries, why do many of these efforts seem to start well, but then fall apart? In today’s session we are going to explore how to build an effective foundation to help you and your teams span boundaries more effectively. Boundary Spanning begins with learning how to manage boundaries. We will explore why this strategy provides a foundation for individuals and teams to collaborate more effectively. We will share warning signs to keep an eye out for as well as the signals that indicate you and your teams are one the right track. We will also discuss key mindsets that can help sustain your boundary spanning efforts through difficult times.

This webinar is being presented by Preston Yarborough a Senior Faculty with Center for Creative Leadership. In 2011, Preston joined the Center for Creative Leadership to enhance the depth and breadth of CCL’s college and university leadership solutions. Preston has served a diverse clientele, working with senior leadership teams, university administrators, as well as working with educators, scientists, engineers, and healthcare professionals. His academic work has been published in peer reviewed journals as well as in the Encyclopedia of Human Resources Management.

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