Tuesday - January 25, 2022

Capturing The Rhythm of Change Leadership

Chris Beckert, M.B.A, Colonel (Retired), Leadership Solutions Partner, Center for Creative Leadership

Chris brings 30+ years of leading organizations across the globe to continue his passion for developing and guiding leaders to find solutions to their leadership challenges. Deeply committed to life-long learning, Chris joined the Center for Creative Leadership in 2018 following a distinguished military career that included leading the U.S. Army’s Executive Education programs at the U.S. Army War College. He now provides award-winning leadership programs across a spectrum of corporate groups, business sectors, and levels of leadership from new managers to senior executives.

With the pace of change and transformation increasing annually, leaders continue seek new ways to balance critical priorities while leading their people through transitions. Experienced leaders are now finding themselves grappling with new conditions around change. The impacts of being unable to lead through change and manage transitions causes lost opportunities and impacts confidence and reputations. There are solutions that can provide consistent and dependable approaches to leading Change and Transition published by the Center for Creative Leadership known as the “4 D’s of Leading Continuous Change” by Dr. Bill Pasmore. Capturing this rhythm of change leadership can give leaders confidence as they approach new and complex situations triggered by change. Join the National University and Center for Creative Leadership in a concise and informative look into leading continuous change.